The showdown in the downtown

Did you ace it yesterday at SM City Lucena for the biggest fists fight battle in the history of fist-fighting?

As most of you already aware, early April this year, Philippine virtual world burst out like a bomb with swarm of flimflam invites by a certain Bulbulito Balagbag: Tuberong kulay green spread out more like a virus. Author’s name sounds fun too, but I think this means something different for Pinoys. The invite is simply all about a fist-fight happening on April 15 at certain home improvement retail store. Though it encourages a bit of violence, it sounds good to hear and with much hype on it, I accidentally went out of my sanity and without a thought clicked and followed the band of attendees.

I run through Facebook today hoping I would chance some pictures from the event and because I missed it, I really feel sorry for myself.

Here what I found:

Suntukan - 01

A gorgeous smiling girl has just arrived at the venue. Seen at the back is a car of color which I cannot discern and the towering SM mall in Lucena City in the province of Quezon.

Suntukan - 02

And over there is my Pinoy friend who’s work is a DJ and the hottest voice in the city. Don’t be confused with the two; he’s without the bag.

Suntukan - 03

While a different showdown seems to be brewing up there on Saturday, not the fists fight but the fingers one. Lol

Suntukan - 04

But who’s these three? And indeed yes they seem already on the way to the event. I just hope that they brought some snacks to fill-in their tummy as I heard it’s taking a whole day-run. Be patient guys, and drive safely. You dude-girl put on your seat belt to be safer. Hit the road!

Suntukan - 05

Don’t show your pass stub unguarded. It’s high-valued. Someone might filch it away from you. Remember that tickets just have been sold out and re-buying might not be a good decision to make. Even grandma and grandpa at the back are watching which prove that it captured all ages.

Suntukan - 06

This one is from my Facebook friend and he told me that he has spare tickets that cost only $50 for these two. This is not an advertisement but I encourage you to buy it now before someone else gets it.

Suntukan - 07

Other attendees gamely posed after the event. Seems like their enjoying the event aftermath.

DTSD - dtds - 01

It looks like another showdown is coming up to town. It might be a great game to try out soon.

Summing up, all this hype isn’t something true.



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