The supermini Ford

In most cities inside the metropolitan, many if not all, major thorough fares are clogged with heavy traffic gridlock of which most prevalent cause are private vehicles. It is sad to think that those who are less commuting population with their personal cars are a bigger part that contribute burden to the government and to ordinary commuting citizens every day.

But even a defined resolution to this worldwide problem seems to be far from from reality and at the brink of being ignored. It’s like most in the authority nowadays are hesitant to look into it for proper imposition of traffic rules, and sanctioning of violators don’t actually  look equal for everyone.

Luckily, Ford has released a supermini car but brings enough space for the whole family. Sounds like a magic right? Yes you read it correctly.

Ford - 01.jpg

Blue Ford Fiesta

The Fiesta is currently the nation’s most sold car by Ford, in Aston Martin-style grille with fresh new color options in the range to choose from. While superb 1.0-liter Ecoboost engine highlights the enhancement it added. But all in all, nothing has been changed much because it doesn’t need to as it’s more than enough to look class.

However, rumor has it that Ford worked out on some refinement on the side, like decreasing the road noise permeating even at full speed. While, they boast off of its price as low as $1066 for down payment and a monthly pay of $175.

Now it is useful to learn which cities around the world is traffic jam-ridden. Let’s start off with the top on the list. This information is based on INRIX Traffic Scorecard.

  1. Brussels, Belgium
  2. Antwerp, Belgium
  3. LA, USA
  4. Milan, Italy
  5. London, UK

So if you live in the above listed cities, you may want to give Fiesta a try. According to a friend of mine who currently owns one, its best use is manoeuvring to pass through or patch in to unfilled traffic road spaces.

But if this doesn’t work for you, you resort to try other diversion activities while waiting for the road to clear up. Most people who have cars I have talked with suggest the following feel-good-tips while under traffic moments.

The number one among their lists goes to Social Media. Using Facebook allows you to communicate from the distance to a friend. Making you feel like you’re just at home’s couch.

While you can also read books. I know a friend who loves to read philosophy book amidst the stuck and give him more energy that losing the temper.

And lastly, playing games would do a lot of difference. Like spending your 5 minutes doing a showdown in Downtown Showdown and complete it just before all the cars in front move.


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