Downtown brawl: a steaming city play-off

Hello guys! This one is merely about the addictive Downtown Showdown. I am currently just in my fourth week of play but to my surprise I believe that the Developers heard my wish from afar. They are now putting up a real-time showdown to be broadcasted on their official Twitch channel. I feel so lucky knowing it.

In the in-game notice on the event message board, they’ve finally announced there would be a tournament for eight lucky players who would vie for the showdown top spot. As per official Facebook fanpage notification, there would be two divisions where aspiring participants could try to join in by liking the Downtown FB page as well as the announcement post to qualify for the said event. One is for the Rookies and the other is for the Veterans. These two speaks for itself as it is very self-explanatory. According to their measures, the Rookie section would be for participants’ levels 1 – 30. This has only one round. While the Veteran section would be composed of participants who are seasoned and solidly created their city through the passing of ups and downs. They are from levels 31 and above and eight matches would be battled out to beget a victor.

XlhhY3X - Imgur.png

To better acquaint you guys on this upcoming Tournament with the mechanics also included, you can check out their official Facebook post here: Downtown Showdown Facebook Page

And for the winning contenders each from Rookie and Veteran Divisions would receive a coffer of diamonds worth $30 and $50 respectively. Aside from that, the perk of being featured live via twitch would let him become popular in the downtown.

What more exciting here is that, colopl ni intends to do this event every week. That would mean a whole new set of exhilarating prizes or rewards waiting for us guys.

Their official TwitchTV Channel is colopldowntownshowdown. Find them in this link: to enjoy a live simulcast of the event.

Twitch - 01.PNG

Awesome prizes are to be given away. I had a sneak peek at it and rumor has it that these are the rewards. For the Rookie division, the champion would get $30 worth of Diamonds and the 2nd placer would get $10 worth of Diamonds.

On the other hand, Veterans get much bigger prizes as fight in this division is leveled up. The victor for this division gets an overwhelming $50 worth of Diamonds, second and third placers get $30 and $20 worth of Diamond respectively. But it sounds cool that no one leaves for home a loser. Fourth to eight placers would receive $10 worth of Diamond.

You know I am very excited for tomorrow and I can’t wait for the hour to come. I’ll surely register for this event and crash anyone comes my way.

I really look forward to this one, so are you too?


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