The event and the brawl fiasco

An ode of acceptance.

You know guys, I was really so excited this evening to witness the DTSD brawl event. But with no luck, I wasn’t able to even make it to the list of final qualified participants. Well, as I remember it they announced the registration for both divisions a little late on Facebook. But that is not a big deal for me because I managed to write my credentials but late. Lol!

I must say that the brawl could have been much better and funnier if the totally of the qualified participants had been able to compete in the matches which should be really intended for them. But, as I scrolled down the FB, screen was swarmed with ranting players of why this happened to them, they didn’t even understand what’s going on nor did feel so much excitement about it. I couldn’t blame them though. I feel them even if I was not there.

According to a statement I lifted from the DTSD Facebook page admin, they responded the players that poor communication was the primary hindrance in contacting them resulting to being unable to provide the necessary instructions how to progress to the Downtown brawl showdown room.  They say a room key in a form or a number code is to be distributed to participants that would be used to enter a particular room to start a match. It’s sad  to think that almost half of the announced participants weren’t able to receive keys. And that key is very important as it served as their ticket to entrance.

Well, I have no preference which to side from the two, but I see the point in both parties. Let’s just take it as a lesson learned as this was the first time, I think, an event was held real-time and aired live by the Colopl ni for the game Downtown Showdown. What do you expect of first time held event? Name it – lack of proper coordination, misinformation, and other mixed issues that were out of control.

Likewise, for the participants, don’t take registration for granted. Sometimes it takes a move to learn. It is better to contact them too (event authority) to ask for registration updates.

If there would be another, I hope and expect, showdown like this one would be more exciting and fun-filled. I would also suggest that they extend the battle duration, say, add another 2 – 3 minutes of fighting.

Well, I can’t say more but a big two thumbs up for the smoothness was clearly seen on twitch and I love the voice behind the fights.

Once and for all, we could not turn back time but the whole event was a blast and a real breath-taking especially if you’re one of the participants competing for the final showdown.

I really look forward to the next tourney!


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