5 feel-good-things to do this weekend

I’ve been checking out the clock on the wall of my room. For every minute that passed, I know the long hand is continuously moving fast and without stop. But the short hand stays still. I thought for some reasons it’s not working but it is. I know it for a fact because mom has just put it up there. But an almost unnoticeable displacement was made by the short hand after a few moments of not minding it. As I look up again, it was already two hours before midnight and I haven’t slept yet. My mind is toying with a plan for weekends. I am thinking of what to do tomorrow while being stuck at this plan checklist, but completely blanked of any possible good idea to write down.

I cannot remember what I did yesterday. But I weren’t unhappy of what it had been. All I know, it was a usual day of work and nothing else. I don’t want to presume it’s a good one, rather think of it as something memorable.

Another glance. It’s now an hour and a half to go before midnight.

My phone on the pillow rang, lighted up and a notification popped up. A friend on Facebook has just commented on my wall post. I checked it.

weekend 01

An indescribable feeling of elation and eureka streamed through my nerves like a slithering electric charge. I couldn’t even understand. But that brought me to unending ideas coming out like a pouring rain in a stormy night.

Visit a place

It’s kind of hell to conceive of a list of plan if you are a day short. Many have gone to this kind of dilemma, but it is not something to fear or hinder us from taking the challenge of the coming day.

Vacationing at grandma and grandpa’s place is one good thing to kick off your weekend. It would be like a feeling of love resurfacing the atmosphere once we embrace them for a couple of second. That tightness. That heat. That sincerity is much more than any activity this weekend.

Play mobile games

While going outdoor is a little too physical in nature, staying at the comfort of your room is not bad at all. There are just some people who aren’t really into going out on weekend. So why not grab your phone and start learning a new mobile game.

DTSD - dtds - 01

If you’re not a hard core gamer and playing is just something you do to reduce the stillness in between hours, Downtown Showdown is for you. Building your own city is far better than taking the life of your opponent character in a number of bloodless fights.


Following a weekly program for physical workout is not really much far of being a reality. As we know it since child, health is wealth. That’s what mom and grandma always point out during dinner, right? But aside from proper nutritional dieting, performing exercise boosts or adds a stronger well-being.

As for my friend, he starts his weekend mornings with a slow run or a jog along the city park walkways. This is followed by a couple of repetitions of jumping jacks, push up and leg squats.

Do gardening

Nature never gets out-of-date. Even our modern styled condo and houses in the city always make it a point to bring nature back in some corner of our home as a haven for relaxation and serenity for peace seeker.

So landscaping your own back yard is one delightful idea to begin a weekend. Plan your garden now and start growing your ornamentals. But first don’t forget to get rid of the grass!

Learn a foreign language

It might sound boring but learning a new language takes you to a new dimension where understanding cultures is infinite. Take for example, the Japanese language. Here you have to be patient and familiar with their alphabets which are basically called Hiragana and Katakana.



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