The battery for life

As daily users of smartphones, we consume at the very least a 5 to 6 hours of continuous, non-stop battery power consumption without knowing how it would adversely affect its charging capacity in every recharge we do to return the lost energy to run again our cellular phones.

battery - 03

Man holding a cellular phone

Things, such as battery is one of the primary considerations we think and even rethink before buying a new smartphone and it is clearly seen from the influx of newly produced phones carrying a minimum of 2500 mAh, a mile deviation from the usual 1500 in the early years. A reason behind this meticulous selection is in part due to our obnoxious gaming behavior. Apart from abusing the camera for taking selfie shots, games share an optimum portion in the pie of our average smartphone routine.

battery - 04

A draining android phone battery

But if you are looking for a phone that discharges slow as a snail, I bet you wouldn’t find any in the market as of today as the lithium-ion batteries are still there to continue to falsely live up to our expectation and remain the only viable option we can afford so far.

Presently, the 20th century is lucky enough to have given birth to persevere scientists who are insanely in-love in the pursuit of making our everyday problems, works and options resolvable, simpler and less hassle.

The latest discovery of researchers and scientists at the University of California, Irvine published their encounter with a possible solution, which would extend battery life cycle from fast decaying, in ACS Energy Letters.

They have been observing in the past years until now if nanowire technology would yield battery life improvement and longevity. Nanowire is tremendously thin strand thinner than human hair which can hold charges. It is evidently found that energy can enter and pass through these wires and is chargeable in a hundred of thousands of times repeatable. If successfully invented, replacing our old batteries would never be a choice anymore.

With this impressive event happening right in front of our senses, this marks as an achievement toward an era of better powered community. The usage of nanowired-battery-run home appliances, smartphones, and others would be such a millennial feat.

So I am really looking forward that this “would be accomplishment” rings true and would be useful for everyone in their everyday life.

With its advent, I am pretty sure that I am a little older by then, but I know my heart for gaming and my smartphone would still stay there. And even if that era where games hug a big part of my life has gone by, I would still sit on that couch in the sala playing Clash of Clans and Downtown Showdown.


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