The 2016 Philippine presidential debate


2016 Philippine presidentiables

I just watched the replay from here in California and I absolutely have no comment. Until I rethink it again, and once again.

Ever since family moved out from the Philippines, I never, even just once in my life missed any worthy news back there. Though, am not really satisfied nor happy with the turn-outs of things lately, be it from politics, economics, crimes, or general news, nothing, as in nothing in totality has clearly changed for the better or at least has improved the way Filipino live their lives and reach them  at the hem of a shattering society. While saddest part is that my relatives and fellow Filipinos are left still stuck at the middle of storm gusts and roaring waves in a ship by the sea of threatening destabilization.

And two or three weeks more the election is drawing near in the soil of the nation I called The Promise Land. The scene from atop the clouds would view the Philippines with long line of black dots moving from side to side. There would be a coming of massive changes in the government. A lot of revamp, recall, and call to work might be expected to round and shake the hierarchy. But are people really ready to embrace a new system?

In the last debate for the presidency held yesterday, of course Philippine time, it was a crystal-clear point by point thought revolution that was unbelievably coming out from five popular heads in the country. But these are not ordinary heads you meet on the street or hide under pants. This as hoped should look like a showdown of thoughts to provoke the birth of other useful thoughts. Thoughts that are workable to the setting of current Philippine situation. We can’t deny that this country is ridden with corruption, public trust disobedience and graft that keep on propagating officials who are suffering from idiotic practice of the mentioned.

Well, the game of the debate is similar to build, attack, and win strategy. All of them start with building a ground from where to plant or inject into human minds what they think is feasible and beneficial to their very lives and would do much to them in return. And once they’ve already washed the brains out with its rational side, they would attack, by attacking you or the opponent in the most vulnerable part of his being human. And that’s where they win the fight either by demolition of who they are and what they are.

It is actually not new in a third world country that has nothing to offer in a sphere of countries doing showdown against other countries. Take the case between Russia and the America, America and the Middle East Countries and others.

Winning the right person for a seat as the elect is equal to building the nation, the town, the city up one step the ladder. But we didn’t have that in the debate. We didn’t have that one person to choose. Their showdown seems to be only for the few, and not for the masses that should be the center of all their objectives.

For instance, that pony-tailed woman in full white. She was the princess of the King and her mother was a nobody, but she quickly ascended to the throne of celebrity elites as she grew up. While being a foundling in the 60’s, she succeeded as a senator for the first three-term and got the nerve to campaign for the highest land honor in the country, is playing safe in all her answers in the debate like you only get the juice without the flesh.

But her opponent, who sits as an international judge at 70, is seemingly weak and fragile now, still with the harsh-frank voice of a declaiming 25. She answered so well in the perspective of model governance but clearly got no idea of how is the goal attainable in the span of six years.

A hand was raised. A yellow man went up to the stage while multitudes of fake shouters and screamers filled the area with their screams. The man looks intelligent, mannered and well-prepared. But there is no clarity in the direction of his goals. He quite knows well for a fact the situation of the nation but lack better resolution for the cases being faced at hand.

While the rests are just the same heads talking and barking similar thoughts.

I’m not gonna talk about all of them here.

It’s quite frustrating to realize that they didn’t even cover a good ground excellence, medals to earn for respect nor a flag of success. All their bases are bought out by their financiers so we cannot hope from them to at least give us out the benefits of the coins we pay for our taxes.

All in all, a real showdown existed only in the title and not in the full body of this show.


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