DTSD psychology of colors

Hello there! I am back, and with this obsession, I choose to take it to a whole new level of inhaling through its addictive coloring elements. Have I ever told you before that I am very fond of staring at colors because they are lovely to look at. Colors give me a space from the massive black and white universe covering my life. Don’t get me wrong, I am not a loner nor has been battered by problems, it’s just I take colors seriously from its vividness to sharpness, contrast to vibrance.

You know that game Downtown showdown which I’ve been losing my time with over a month now has colored my gaming experience? I don’t know how it happened or what it did to me. All I’ve now is the passion to play and replay and replay it again. Ooops! I sound repetitive there! lol


By just looking at it, we could quickly isolate and understand that its prevalent color theme from the excess is none other than the hue of the sky, the blood of the crowned, which is blue but is partly painted with assortments of its lighter and darker shades. Do you know that blue signifies intellectuality?

According to experts, it is the color of the mind so it affects us mentally, while soothes us on the inside. Perhaps, this is that element that makes me addicted to it playing. Well that maybe the reason, too, behind why downtown showdown is created. I supposed, it’s for highly intellectually processing minds. So if you’re one among playing it, you got to be so proud.

Essentially the game requires critical analysis of the current city situation to produce strategies or plans in junking your opponent in terms of coins, land area, flag or base buy-outs in a showdown.

It’s a game for the strategists and the planner.

Moving forward, let us take a deeper look at how Bill and Zach are portrayed in the game. For you, non-communicatively meticulous, you might mistake the element such as color used in neither the hair nor the clothes they worn.

Just going back to the above image, Zach wears more of darker hues like black. This would mean that him as an IT industrialist is reflected as sophisticated, glamorous and emotionally safety. I won’t delve more to that as it speaks for itself already. If you are under Zach Company you’ll notice it.

Well, Bill as a real estate tycoon has a yellow hair, blue outer and white inner piece. As a matter of fact, in here, Bill is viewed as an optimistic and confident real estate magnate. The blue suggests an intellectual adeptness. That may be the reason behind his successes.

Not just the characters which denote meaning. For instance, the text Showdown in brightly gradient blue means efficiency and intelligence. So that indicates when doing showdown, it requires the mentioned skill win a match.

While the text Showdown in color orange signifies physical comfort, passion and security. That’s the reason why playing this does not make you addicted it just makes you feel like that, but int reality it relaxes you to feel at ease.

So dare to give it a try? Feel good every day by playing it.


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