DTSD brawl review

I know I am not much of an expert as even I didn’t have the luck to qualify for the brawl; here I have some of the most worthy sights I was able to observe during the tournament. I am sharing it to you to get an understanding of what the event is if ever you want to try out this battle soon.

Essentially, the event is composed of seven matches in total, four in the elimination round, two for the semi-finals and one for the final showdown.

The following tournament itinerary followed the first ever Downtown Showdown twitch tournament series of matches.

Round 1

Basically, this one was a short-lived fight between **Sidhe** and techknight that lasted for an approximately less than a minute. On the onset of the match, **Sidhe**’s aggressive stance stood out and proved to be a winning factor by placing a stock market which we know gives 30000 additional coins when used. The meringue hill which was also lay down afterwards provided her a population edge of about 75000 which is considered a decent start for anyone attempting to run for the race in population. While techknight constantly played on a bit of a mid-range quality by producing less offensive buildings. But **Sidhe** finished the match by buying out techknight’s HQ advancing her to the next fight.

Round 2

This seemed to be like a normal showdown with no outstanding moves observed among opponents that only consumed the normal showdown battle time of five minutes. At the end, it was Ryky who won the match.

Round 3

Ace and Piyo had a bit of gap in terms of level status. But this was not the thing in this match. Piyo started off by putting residential buildings following his city outermost boarders. This took much of his time building each, though was not a waste of time when completed as it gives population increase however, it is not an enormous offense to junk any opponent. While Ace, during that time wasn’t doing any good move to counter that Piyo’s progression. It was also notable that he accidentally put everything back in his storage. Then few moments later in the fight he ended up losing the battle.

Round 4

Kimme and Dennis fight was not much memorable. It’s a typical match between each other whose available skill set and strategy planning was sub par. But even that, Kimme moved forward to the next match. But at least both had put up a good fight.

Round 5

The fifth round brought back the excitement and thrill of the showdown. **Sidhe** backed in the showdown room initially founded a meringue hill to boost up her population. A very identical practice she employed in the first match against techknight. It was an instant 75000 increase of population for her city. Overpowering Ryky’s style of showdown, he was left far behind at the midterm breakdown. Allowing that sometime to cool down and think of another strategy, **Sidhe** once again made sure to take offense by creating a dojo building to cook some attackers. Kung fu kids were rapidly produced and eyed important buildings to destroy. Later on the match, a buy-out was performed and victory went in favor of **Sidhe**.

Round 6

As semi-finals continued, Kimme for the win reused similar winning approach to combat Piyo who later on lost the match unexpectedly. This proved Kimme’s attacking scheme was effective for a match of two or three. This made him progressed to the finals to fight **Sidhe**.

Round 7

Kimme and **Sidhe** seemed to have used analogous tactics to battle out each other. The two, both dropped meringue hill for population lift, followed by a stock market to gain coins – most probably for the same result he previously hoped. Here with my friends watching it called this a meringue hill showdown. But it was **Sidhe** who first initiated a buy-out of HQ. Surprisingly, in just a matter of second it was bought successful and the match ended up with so much screams from us accessing the live twitch broadcast. The showdown trophy went in favor of **Sidhe** and the brawl closed.

All in all, it was an eventful showdown among participants. I know it would be more exciting in the next brawl showdown coming up at the mid of the May.


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