Facebook ordeal in facebook reactions

Now I strongly disagree with the incorporation of Facebook reaction as the platform new added feature. By seeing how it is being abused by bullshit netizens who are mostly thug and bum in the cyber world, I can’t even contain my anger and boiling words for them. Have they even remembered where in hell they’ve left that moral and decency?

I am afraid that seeing this video roaming around the social media particularly on Facebook would demoralize this young God-created-being making him less than what he really is.

The 917000 views it collated as of writing possibly from liking and sharing amounts to the 917000 times this young kid already have been bullied more than he might get in a school setting. This occurrence is alarming, especially in my land, the Philippines, where social media is used as a tool to demolish and disrupt the existing beautiful culture and moral of the Filipino people.

That Facebook reaction composed of Like, Love, Haha, Wow, Sad, and Angry seems to be like a stirring wheel for those bullshit netizens to continue to propagate their inappropriate reactions to particular media content such as in the picture you see below.

Facebook ordeal in facebook reaction

Photo of a young minor gets viral in social media

I am no advocate for offended children. I just take it seriously because I have young brothers who I’d never ever wanted to see being put in the light of shame.

Though production of such content might be under the consent of the actor (child) in the video still the ground where abuse and harassment can happen is opened like a door to the world. The Facebook worldwide reach is undeniable.

And to combat further children abuse that might continue to happen, it should be oppressed by passing a law dedicated to promote and protect children’s welfare against being a subject for hilarious social media content. The fact that we don’t have an existing one is more like neglecting the respect our younger brothers or sisters deserve to feel not in the expense of who they are, what they do or how they feel.

I regret that I have not much to delve on this matter, but I’ll surely be keen on any oppression against our minors.


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