Ring and its statements

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I am acting weird these last few days over a wedding ring I saw while walking down the mall area with jewelry shops.

Initially, upon seeing it I thought of mom’s and dad’s marriage ring which they still wear up to now even they’ve been apart for quite few years already. Mom’s was a gold-made ring and she wears it on the left hand. It still shines like a new one. Yes, sparkling just exactly like everything back then where home was still filled with warm laughter and those days and nights were lovely and complete.

And I know, and I don’t forget that I promise my partner that one day I would give her that just like dad did to mom. Something that she’d like to wear or that’d symbolize my ever ardent feeling of love for her. I know that day is coming sooner and I couldn’t stand waiting.

But even before, us, Filipinos overseas in California, we still follow the Filipino way of life though it sometimes feels odd doing it in a place that tells you it’s not how we do it here. But I don’t care. I don’t want to spit at that tradition, that one thing that guided me to who and where I am now.

Well, for a fact, buying one is too early and my girl is left-handed unlike me whose right hand I think does the most things every day and always active physically. While her being left, as some say, is thought as character and belief represented.

With that I wonder how I would know if I am placing the ring at the correct finger or hand. I stumbled upon a little cute blog designed for married man and whatnot. It appeals to me so much that I’d itch to share you some of the learning I had.

For them, the little finger, the last in the series and we call it as a daily habit as pinky is a place for rings that represent family crests. But I don’t usually mind it before until I tried wearing one and got the feel of it as like the busiest or the flashiest. According to it, the pinky ring worn on the dominant hand is associated with intellect and excellent ability to express oneself. While those on the other, indicates strong intuition and a good listening skill.

The fourth finger which is customarily the married man finger as we all know has other meaning. Just like a ring worn on the right fourth finger signifies engagement, take of the pope’s ring, and not necessarily marriage, instead it is the left fourth finger which rings true for that statement. This also is the finger associated with the sun, creativity and beauty, and romantic relationships. And why is that it is known even long before as the commitment finger is because of the idea that was once thought to have an unbroken artery that leads straight to the heart, essentially creating a direct connection to the heart to signify an eternal bond.

When the ring is in the middle finger, it said that it is the slot for the first-time ring-wearers. And if it is your first time it feels like not that awkward at all. It would feel more comfortable. Expert, I mean here the blogger said that wearing in that particular finger says about structure, balance, conscience, and order.

Then the index which is our pointing finger is not just a finger we use when we are mad and want to point at person. A ring on this location denotes family status and symbolizes a deeper meaning like power, leadership and authority. On the other hand, worn on this part sometimes means marriage.

And lastly, the thumb finger which shows the sign of wealth or influence. Also a thumb ring worn on the active hand in the main hand indicates an assertive personality.

With all these things learned I hope that I could get some time to rethink which one is best for my left-hand partner.


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