PH, TH excites with a new city building game

Yes it’s finally coming to the shores of the Philippine islands. Downtown Showdown has sailed away from America against the deafening sea to meet their Asian friends. It’s really nice to hear how reaching and befriending would result to good opportunities or at least something better as well as understanding cultures.


Bill Banks and Zack Gold, the main competing players in the game.

My cousin helloed me from the outside yesterday near midnight, but I was so preoccupied so I guessed he must have called a thousand times, but I missed it, to tell me that DTSD is coming to the Philippines. Lol! Sorry Adele. Please forgive me for copying a few of your lines. I love it anyway.

Well, my cousin is an android phone user who verified to me that he indeed finally can download the game I was strorying him almost every day of his life over the phone back there in the orient. For the some reason, he might not know that this is my way of getting him into it so that I would have somebody playing with me in future.

Going back to it being free for installation in the Philippines, I foresee its current market becoming bigger and larger. I know how and what makes Pinoys tick. And clearly with the advent of this familiar game concept, the CoC that once was a big hit among young and adult Juan de la Cruz would probably roll in the deep as Pinoy gamers switch to something more calm and relaxed.

Downtown Showdown city building concept of fighting is a little bit not that exciting I know it for a fact because I play it but that’s not what makes me stay playing rather its on entire design which make me love it more than I love to get a full length sleep at night.

I just wish somewhere in the future the Developers find a way to add in structures or buildings’ Philippines is known for like Bahay Kubo as homage to its possible contribution to the games growth.

Gossips roamed. I heard it would also be released in some nearby Asian region like Thailand. Confirmation hasn’t been clear, but surely, any undertaking this company would put forward is for the best.

If you want to try it the best time is now. It is both android and iOS compatible. So for android, please download here: and for iOS here:

Welcome to the city!!!


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