Second childhood and its good effect

Just lately, I learned that papa is behaving differently.

I call lolo my papa. That word ‘papa’ sounds pretty endearing to my ears as much as I love hear myself utters it. I grew up my teenage in his care and guidance and I am very proud to be my grandpa’s only boy. But every day, things are getting clearer and slowly unravel things I suspect before now seems to ring true. This manifestation disturbs me and becomes a hurting truth in my bare eyes that papa has a problem.

They call it second childhood.

I heard its effect. The worst of having it. But I shrug it off. I know it for fact that it would never happen to him no matter what because he’s strong and has always been active and he’s yet on his 71.

The way he acts much more like a child seems to be just usual to me then because we play together more than often but not this time any longer. That thought in my head that I almost don’t know him now is really annoying. I visited a doctor in our local and consulted it. He said, it is not something needing medical attention but a psychological one.

According to psychologist, signs are simple and quick to notice. A number of rational functions would be affected like doing the basic math, thinking, as well as memorizing and this result to becoming weird of that person. He’s like a time-travelled papa back to his early12.

Second child 01.jpg

This is not papa’s picture. Rights and other related rights related copyright and ownership is completely credited to its original original owner.

Months passed.

He does the same things every day. He plays games with my phone and loves it very much. There would even be a time that I would find my phone missing and found it is at his grip. But I don’t give it a fuck. He’s my papa and I love.

So all since then, I find time to sit with him on the couch to play my favorite, now our favorite mobile game. I discovered his liking for it when I found that my account was levelled up a bit. Thanks to papa.

Downtown Showdown has never been that easy for both of us. But I am trying to create an account for him play together. Conquer other cities, and win the battle for loots, medals and gems.

Though there is no quick way, or rather nothing can really help him out this condition; I believe it had a good effect on both of us because we now have a more meaningful moment every time with one another.

downtown showdown

This is the game I am telling you in the story.


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