Builders’ Battle Royale FINALS: Recap

I was out and reluctant for several weeks already and haven’t made up my mind if writing something about the concluded Builders’ Battle Royale Finals is worth writing for you my readers. Anyway, even I couldn’t really come up with a rock-hard decision I am a little settled in giving you guys some of the events’ outstanding and show-stopping episodes.

The last Twitch event if you still clearly remember had a registration to let participants secure a slot in the battle but for this time it was changed to a 3 on 3 match and who earns the highest number of medals gets a slot in top 9 official FINALS participants.

So here I walk you through the best match episodes I think would matter and for your future plans in joining the Twitch tournament.

(Quarter Finals: qualifying battle)


Syed began the match by placing roads and a dojo. Chili dog Stand stood next these buildings which I think was quite a decent plan to invest in production of attacking unit. Then an ever amazing Fortune teller known for destroying building and consoling out 30K gold coins appeared and helped Syed get additional edge over Vega. Meanwhile, Vega’s based was destroyed in a matter of minute but quickly recovered due to some attacks. Syed never passed any chance and attempted to buy Vega’s HQ. You know how important HQ is, right? And the buying was successful. Syed won by getting a total of 22 769 points against Vega’s 7,229 advancing him to the Quarter FINALS.

Quarter Finals

Round 1 (Sara V Sidhe)


Yes we would never forget that Sidhe was Downtown Brawl’s Champion well-known for strategies patterned to bringing the Stock market the first, meringue hill the second, following it, is HQ Skill activation and Stock broker skill activation. But the wind has changed and Sidhe wasn’t seen able to finish this anticipated lethal strategy. Counter-attacking with Kung Fu Kids, Sarah was able to hammer down Sidhe’s HQ instantly. Sidhe put up another Meringue Hill in the light of expanding population while Sara knew it was the right time to buy out Sidhe’s HQ. Sara successfully bought Sidhe’s HQ and win the match with over 19K points, an 8,500 points ahead if Sidhe.

Round 2 (Dr.Insane V FoX)


Dojo was the first building placed in, followed by utilities. This strategy is old-fashion as we knew by then that the opponent is scheming to release an attacking unit anytime soon. Dr.Insane built a Fortune Teller. But is seems that, the first attack was a move from Fox using destructive infernosaurs. Later, counter-attacked by a Fortune Teller skill from Dr.Insane. Doubling the offense, Dr.Insane released massive infernosaurs and giggling extortionists. Fox activated Kung fu kid and master to combat the attacking unit. At two minutes left both company has earned 19K population down from almost 80K population of both company. Another infernosaurs freed from Fox’ City to bring desolation. Seconds after, Fox activated Stock broker. At the end Fox edged out Dr.Insane with 40K population, 341K gold coins, and 60 land covered. This is a real fight of real struggling players. 😀

Round 3 (Adam V Slyde)


Slyde, who replaced Ezgi move first with a Dojo and Stock Market, a prominent pattern of buildings being put up this Twitch season.  But before things turn good for him, Adam is already attempting to buy out Slyde HQ and within a minute, Adam was successful with the buyout making him progressed to the next round.

Round 4 (Nurse Lori V Syed)


A typical laying out of roads was observed which deviated from Syde’s usual first move and putting up a Chili Dog Stand next to it. Fortune Teller appeared. Nurse Lori built Stock Market and released Infernosaur, the very first offense released in their match. Syed in hope to bring up population even bigger put up a Meringue Hill followed by another attack of infernosaurs. Syed initiated a base buyout of Nurse Lori’s and it was a success. Syed won with a staggering 28K points.


Round 5 (Fox V Sara)


Fox initiated the activation of Kung fu Kid. It was counter-defended by Sara by activating Kung fu Kids too. Both seem to imitate each other’s attack pattern in the first few minutes since most of each other buildings were similar. Fox might just be kidding and deviated from copying tactics while activating a Stock Market. But Sara did the first move to buy out Fox’s base and was truly successful. Later, it was Fox who won the match by 32K coins and 7 in land area covered summing up a total of 11K with only a 3K difference.

Round 6 (Adam V Syed)


It’s all about the Stock Market! Adam started the match with a decent offensive unit by activating Kung fu Kids. But following was a catastrophe that a surprising Base buyout would be later known to Syde making him dumbed and paralyzed upon seeing all his hardships turned into ashes before him.  Adam successfully bought the base and quickly won the match with 35K points in less than a minute.


 Round 6 (Fox V Adam)

It’s actually a Phoenix VS Phoenix but the first few minutes of the fight seemed to be children playing inside. Both were placing their buildings adjacent to opponents HQ or Base which I find really funny and a sort of teasing. Adam, the Champion-would-be started off the match by putting a Dojo and activating its skill. In a matter of a minute after the offense was released he initiated a buyout of Fox’ Base and was very successful making Fox get no points except for 2 in terms of land area.

Adam won the last match of Builders’ Battle Royale Finals!

Hail to the champion, winners, and the event organizers behind this successful Twitch Tournament. We want to see more!


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