For Yesterday’s Memoriam

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Filipino living in the US is not the usual feeling of a fish out of the water! My dad who works here since 70’s doesn’t mind being a brown man strayed in the Americas. When I followed him, he taught me that integrating in the culture of the whites do not necessarily mean spitting at the grave of my own Heroes but rather respecting what was before us at the moment and what the people are accustomed to shall be what we observe. And yes, we may not celebrate this day, but we, our family who stays here for more than two decades already, finds time to give honor to the memory of the fallen soldiers and lauds the glory they’ve contributed to this land.

Similar to a typical white guy (don’t want to sound a little racist or downgrade my color), we are human with the heart to kind of things like this. It’s naturally coming out from us that we love to commemorate it and exalt for such event! Just like what we do in Pilipinas – fiestas of the patron saint for example.

According to George S Patton “it is foolish and wrong to mourn the men who died.  Rather we should thank God that such men lived”

I remember the Philippine fallen SAF Soldiers who’d been entangled in a dire encounter with the ruthless troop of bandit in the island of Mindanao. Merciless. But each of them who in exercise of duty put the land’s glory first before their selves in the name of love for the country. I believe that bravery is what defines the people of that land.

Though it’s unofficially summer season, and the heat of the king sun hasn’t invade the roof of my room, my mom in support to this occasion strung a US flag waving back and forth against the wind by the window in the main entrance of our house. We are not Americans but we are a family, Filipino in blood, stepping our feet in the soil of the Americas we now call home.

Hail to the Valiant Heroes!


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