Ipad Mini 4 Review

Apple fans – the lighter, slimmer and improved Ipad mini 4 is more than what you think that meets the eye. Back in September last year when it was first revealed, nothing got me excited for it. Except to it being an apple made device which is a great brag off at a very least! With its weight of 299 gram, this SIM card enabled device is a best travel buddy whether I am riding on a train or just relaxing at the poolside while taking selfies with my friends.

And yes if we discuss about its design, nothing much changed that would lead you to think that it’s a no Ipad mini 3 but unfortunately it’s still its progenitor’s design you met before.

Well if in terms of functionality, I know you’re used to it already and its apple conventional way that it only upgrades selected portions of the system rather than reinventing new ones such as LG’s G5 current innovation. But wise consumers know that this doesn’t make apple less than what it really is.

One instance is the embedding of Night shift mode function where the device screen color temperature is a bit adjusted to some yellowish tint to make it easier for the eyes which I think is a good move especially for night users.

What more excitement you can get is that it retains the slim and small size of its mom just as fitting to the curve of our hand palms.

A very minor body changes were improved too like the volume buttons on the side that sit now just surface level that is also conspicuous on Ipad Air 2 design.

And there would be no worries regarding applications, you also get all built-in apps you had in the previous version with little improvement.

While, most of you are gamers I suppose, and trying it on a heavy graphic mobile game it turns out just as fantastic you might never imagine!

The strong and solid appeal of this all-metal design is very attractive to consumers. The heat when used excessively for long hours is actually not felt. While the only downside is the hefty price it is sold for.


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