Learning with Gadgets

Now a lot of the older generation are learning step by step on how to properly optimize usage of the latest gadgets today in the market. We don’t necessarily have tutorial tools except for their kids. But now we have apps that can teach our babies on how to start learning with numbers and letters.

One sample we have is Dora’s English Adventure. It is an app created for kids helping them out with minor subjects with numbers, letters and a lot more. We have tested it with different age and some kids tend to learn more using this app. We have noticed an interaction we don’t see normally in a classroom setup because the teachers are focused on a large group not on an individual setup.

Dora #1.png

Here is a part of the game where Dora wants to dance with the kid. Here is a chance for the kid to be active and have fun while learning. This is a great way for the parents to keep track of the learning of a kid because they even have an option to check and see a kids understanding of the event.

You can download the App here:

App Store : http://apple.co/2dcP0zE

Google Play Store : http://bit.ly/2dcOO3n

Let your kids learn the fun way, Download it now for free.



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