frillycheesesteakMy name is Phil, and I play games because if I’m going to go through the daily grind trying to level up the social ladder and face angry bosses all my life, it would only make sense to also have fun doing it.

I now go by the alias “frillycheesesteak” because kids say the darndest things, and even though I don’t have any of my own, my niece is adorable enough to warrant adopting her and considering her as one.

There aren’t that many online games that interest me anymore, which is a stark contrast to how my tastes used to be in my more formative years. In truth, sometimes it’s just as exhausting playing games as it is doing work; so I’ve becoming more discerning, making sure the games I choose are worth playing.

This blog is to serve as a personal log of the games that catch my attention. I write about my joys and pains, triumphs and failures, and general thoughts about the games I actually play. It’s not as one-off as a review site; much more time has been dedicated to playing these games than most reviewers allocate to meet their quotas and deadlines. In that sense, perhaps it isn’t the best place to go to come up with a snap decision.

If, however, you appreciate the outcome of a slow and steady playthrough from the perspective of someone who plays for fun, welcome.


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