[R.O.H.A.N VENGEANCE] Trinity update



Trinity is one of the newest class in Rohan Online. It is composed of Mar the first class who can choose between Rumir who brings Harmony and Prosperity to the world and Noir who brings Chaos and Destruction to the world.




Mar – first class of the Trinity who can choose between Rumir and Noir once she reaches level 50.









Rumir – the Light Property Magic, suitable for the role of Healing and Buffing players.










Noir – The Dark property Magic.  A very powerful being for PvP that will lure all enemies to their despair.






Trinity’s Content and Opinion

Creating this character is too easy, you can reach level 50 without moving to different places and you can’t move in a different place without finishing the quest so it’s a must! you need to finish the tutorial for you to move on the different map. Unlike normal classes, you need to explore the world of Rohan to reach level 50 for you to change class and this class can survive the game even without having a good equipment that’s how powerful they are.

In my opinion this class got a huge advantage compared to normal classes, imagine you can change job in a short period of time, about 30mins or lesser unlike the normal classes it takes a lot of hours, next is they only got one map to move on so it’s not hard to find the NPC to do main quests see how easy is that? Some players might like this kind of leveling but some are not. In my side this kind of leveling is not so good because you can reach the next class in short period of time but what’s next? You might feel lazy to play after that because you already reach the goal you wanted. Unlike the normal class you need to put so much effort for you to change job so you will never feel lazy but instead, there is a high chance for you to continue to level up it’s because you’ve been through a lot already so why quit? And to think of it that ROHAN playwithsea just launched their game about a weeks ago and they already released this trinity patch is not a good idea for me. It’s because the game is just starting to grow so there’s a hype on it. Some players prefer only classic ROHAN they want to enjoy the game without the trinity class so it’s better if they did hold the Trinity patch for long days maybe in developers side they will release it early so it’ll be more competitive to other ROHAN servers which is also good. So that’s it!


So to all players who are disappointed on Trinity’s early release we don’t have any choice but to accept it because eventually, they will release it the only difference is that it’s earlier as we expected so let’s just enjoy the game! Happy Leveling!


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Website: https://rohan.playwithsea.com/Home/Index



The reborn

You know it guys that for a fact I don’t usually write about games nowadays, but I guess, it is my human nature that I am really into gaming and no one or nothing can stop me to talk about what’s inside my head especially if it is about the trend in the gaming world.

The relaunched of Gramfantasia, bearing an additional name ‘Genesis’ in its title is mysterious and mind tickling. For most gamers they might think that this would mean … Ooops! I don’t want to spoil you right here on my blog, so I leave you hanging there. Try it now to discover what I am talking here.


Screenshot of the new Gramfantasia Genesis on PlayStore

Download the game app through Google PlayStore to find out what’s new and what’s out!

Click this GRAMFANTASIA GENESIS to download the app.

Heya, just to tease a little I gonna do few reviews on the latest in technology so check me out soon!

[CABAL] Item Options Adding


Hey guys or should I say heroes of Nevareth, how was your week during the Thanksgiving bonus event on CABAL Online? Has your character(s) managed to gain enough levels with the help of the event?

Anyway, I got here a guide that our new players or some of us kept on skipping while playing CABAL Online (well, some of us) mainly because they don’t know how to do it or simply doesn’t want to do this process. Either way, I would like to share how can a player add options to their slotted gears.

First, talk to any Core Alchemist in a town to start this process. Once, you have talked to any of them. Click “Upgrade”.


Then on the next window, click “Item Options Adding”. This is where you will have the chance to insert an option on your slotted gear.


Then, the Grant Item Option window will appear, here you will put all the needed or required gears or items to add option to your gears.


In my example, I have chosen my Shadowsteel Armored Boots which has 2-slots, indicated in the below image with the yellow box. Things you need for this process are:

1. Gear with slot(s)

2. Force Core (Low, Medium or High) depending on the grade of the gear. This item helps increase the success rate when granting option.

3. Weapon/Armor/Bike Scroll Option (Low, Medium or High) again depending on the gear that you want to have an option.


If you have all the required items for the process, you may proceed. Drag the gear on the item slot, click the “Equip in max” button to automatically equip all the cores that you have in your inventory having a maximum of 10. This will increase the Success Chance in granting the option that you want your gear to have.


Next, drag the scroll option in this example I chose Armor Scroll Option (Low) with Defense on it.Cabal(131201-1944-Ver360-0000)

Once, you are ready. Click the Grant Option button and wait for the results. It will be like a lottery sequence where you will have a chance to succeed or fail. Once you succeed the option will be available on your gear.Cabal(131201-1944-Ver360-0001)

Here’s the result of our trial. Where my Shadowsteel Armor Boots have been granted an option of Defense + 10.Cabal(131201-1944-Ver360-0002)Well, that’s about it CABAL Online players. I hope this guide will be useful if ever you want to add some options in your gears in the future. Still have questions regarding the game? I might have the answer to that. Please leave a comment below.


[CABAL] Looking for a Party?

Good Day everyone, how was your day? I haven’t been online that much in CABAL Online, as my friends are currently busy at the moment. I am also is quite busy but I can still find some time to check on the items that I’m currently selling in the Agent Shop and do some dungeon runs with other players.

Speaking of dungeon runs, have you ever tried having a party while doing some runs. I know some of you likes to play solo at first especially new ones since they want to explore the game first before mingling with others. Well, I must say CABAL Online has a party system in case you haven’t explored that part yet. You can create a party by inviting those players roaming around you but did you know that you can post your party invite and let others join on it?

CABAL Online party invitation system is like a bulletin board where you can post your request for party members that wants to join you entering some dungeons. I’ll explain to you how can you do this:

First, the normal party invitation. Inviting those that are near you, in CABAL Online we mostly use the skill toolbar more often. First locate the Party Invitation icon, where it is located under the Special skill tab and look for the image shown below. To open the skill window press the letter “K” by default.

PARTY!!Drag this icon on your skill tool bar then select a player close to you then press the corresponding keys to activate the party invite. You will just need to wait for the player’s approval.

Second, would be posting on the Party Invitation window for all players that are connected on your server will have a chance to take a look at it and if ever they want to have a party with you they can just send the party invitations for you to accept. Press “P” to open the said window.

Cabal(131114-2212-Ver360-0000)To register a Party, click Party Registration button below then a new window will appear as seen below.

Cabal(131114-2212-Ver360-0001)Just created the name or message or the goal why are you creating a party and choose how many members lowest is 2 and maximum is 8. Just click Register and wait for party invites that you need to approve from the active players. Remember to check the Channel that you’re in because any player can request a party to you.

Well that’s about it, I hope I have given you some helpful information to organize a party inside the game. Keep entering those dungeons with others and those others will increase once CABAL Online has been available on Steam which coming very soon.

[CABAL] Need More Skill EXP?

Hello CABAL Online players, I have a question for you, have you ever wonder what are the objective of players when you see them hitting those dummy figures outside Bloody Ice, Desert Scream and Green Despair? Let me tell you these, some are trying out their new skills, others are practising their skill timing for a combo and the most common off all they gather skill exp.


CABAL Online has a different approach in terms of upgrading one’s skill level, you need to obtain skill points and how are you going to get those points by obtaining skill exp. Yes SKILL EXP! How? Well simply by just hitting the Dummy figure outside the initial towns for each class but how to obtain skill exp much faster will be my primary goal for this article. Some players just grind their skill exp on the Dummy by just hitting it, but what I do is enhance my gears to obtain extra skill exp, how? Simple as changing my gears.

GEARS (Including Accessories)

I usually buy Aramid or Shadowsteel armors and weapons WITH Adept/Skilled attributes on it. Why? Because it raises the amount of skill exp you get when you start hitting those dummies using your skills. You can either get an Adept or Skilled set but my advice or rather I would recommend getting an Adept set if able. Why? Because you can put those in your storage unlike Skilled which is a character bound item, it will stay in your inventory and clog it. However, Skilled set gives more skill exp than an Adept set. Here’s a break down:

Adept (Green) – has +1 upto +3 Skill EXP per skill (I recommend having a +3 on all gears, if you choose this set)

Skilled (Pink or Violet) – has +4 Skill EXP per skill (I think that’s the max a weapon or item can obtain except for accessories)

So, it will be up to you on which of these sets you’ll get. Where to find them? Some are monster drops but the fastest way to find them is in the Agent Shop, don’t know how to use an Agent shop? Here Part 1 and Part 2.


Obtaining skill exp on dummies requires you to use your character’s skills. Best and Fastest way to do this is to pick a skill that has a shorter cooldown and casting time. You only need two as it will automatically rotate if ever your auto-attack is on. I recommend the Arrows under Novice skills just pick the two skills with lesser cooldown and casting time and your off to obtain skill exp. Skill exp grinders usually go AFK, so I suggest do this if ever you don’t have anything important to do inside the game or if ever your’e waiting for the Mission War.

Well, there you have it. I hope this article explains or gave as much information to explain how to obtain more skill exp. Remember, CABAL Online will be available on Steam soon!


[CABAL] How to use Agent Shop Part 2

I’m back with the Part 2 on How to use Agent Shop. This time I will guide you on how to sell items using this feature.

As you can see on the image below beside the Item Purchase tab is the Register tab. Click it to start selling your items.


To register an item, drag your desire item on the Register box, just like what I did with my headgear, insert the amount of alz which will determine how much you want your selling item to be bought and then click Registration. Notice that you’re item will be posted for a limited time which 7 days after that it will expire and will no longer be searchable using the Agent Shop.


Confirm the price and double check it carefully before clicking the confirmation button. There’s a Sales fee which is also computed and will be presented on the window the will pop-up.


There you go, your item is now registered in the Agent shop and players who will search for such item, your item will appear automatically.


Wondering how to cancel or change the items that you have registered? That’s simple just click the Change button. A new window will pop-up that will grant you an access to change the amount that your item’s worth.


To cancel your registered item, on the changing of the item’s amount click Cancel and another window will pop-up asking if you want to cancel your item’s registration. Just click Confirmation button to remove it.

Cabal(131106-0012-Ver360-0004)Well, there you have it. I hope that these information will help you progress inside the game. Did my guide helped? Please leave a comment below.

[CABAL] How to use Agent Shop Part 1

Hi everyone, I’m back with some useful information about CABAL Online. I’m here to share a guide on how can you buy or sell your high grade items inside the game.

Ever use the Agent Shop? It’s like an auction house on some other games, it is only located on Bloody Ice. Inside the town you will see a guy standing in the middle of a stage. You won’t miss him since he’s the only NPC who’s on an elevated platform in the middle. (lol) When you click him you will see this window shown below:

I will give you an example on how to use this feature. First let’s select an Item Type, as you can see on the image I chose the Weapon type and select Orb as the item I want to search.

Cabal(131105-2335-Ver360-0000)On the upper portion of the window there are drop down boxes indicated by Type, Grade, Epic and Price Line up. This boxes will provide a more in-depth search of what kind of Orb as for the example are we looking for.

Cabal(131105-2336-Ver360-0000)I have chosen Latis as my Orb type and now let’s have grade. Grade is the “+” of the item you can set it from +0 up to +15 depends on what you’re looking or All which will list down all the Orb Latis type item.

Cabal(131105-2336-Ver360-0001)I have chosen All as my Grade. Now, we have Lapis as our type and we got All on our Grade. Let’s go to Epic, the list will show the attributes that we want the item to have that we’re looking for.

Cabal(131105-2336-Ver360-0002)I chose Deathblow/Fatal which is Critical Rate. So now we are looking for a Lapis Orb type, any grade with Deathblow/Fatal attributes. Just click the Search button and the list of weapons that we are looking for will appear shown on the image below, All the information needed is list down there and you will just need to click the Purchase button if you want to buy the item. You can also check who’s the seller of the item by hovering your pointer on the item.

Cabal(131105-2337-Ver360-0000)You can also have save some of your Favorites, like if you are waiting for a certain item to appear or if you don’t want to always specify the item that you’re looking for. You can always use this feature, how? See the star icon on the bottom of the window? Just click it to save and add your search as your favorite. Note: Search first before saving.

Cabal(131105-2340-Ver360-0000)Now, we’re done on how to alternatively buy items from other players. Next time, I’ll be adding on how to sell your own items to others and how to manage which are items that you need to sell.

If you still haven’t read it, CABAL Online has been greenlit on Steam Greenlight and will be available on Steam soon. Also, if you want to discuss anything about this article, please leave a comment below. Thanks!